Since 1993


Our belief is that the most significant accomplishments are the result of relationships, partnerships with our clients – many of which span over 20 years.  Prior to the establishment of the Kon Savoy Consulting Group in 2018, Mr Savoy served over 75 public and private sector clients while employed at another firm.  Mr. Savoy provides over 37 years of experience in  community planning and economic development.  The mission and focus of our firm is to equip communities to strategically respond to economic and fiscal demands and limited resources.  We seek to build lasting relationships focused on commitment and investing in communities through our work in community planning, economic development, project management for public and private clients, and problem-solving through community engagement, project facilitation, consensus building, and plan implementation support services.

Making a difference and facilitating positive change provides the greatest sense purpose.  Our track record of helping communities to achieve significant accomplishments is the result of experience, expertise and commitment to develop plans specific to each client, and implement plans over the long-term.  Our team bridges the gap between idealism with realism to bring projects to reality through extensive experience in plan implementation and community engagement.  The Savoy Consulting Group provides a broad range of day-to-day planning and project management services, serving as staff planner, part of the planning team, or implementing special projects at a reasonable cost by reducing the costs associated with full-time staff.


Equipping communities to more effectively respond to fiscal pressures and development opportunities in light of reduced revenues.

Doing more with less is now a regularly accepted objectives of most local governments.  With less resources available from State and Federal agencies, and resistant to raise taxes, the challenge for local communities is to maintain essential services, without compromising the ability to response to needs and opportunities.  To address these issues new strategies and approaches to providing traditional services need to be implemented, such as combining services with other communities, and retaining talent for specific purposes without commitments to long-term overhead expenses.  Efforts to consolidate building and planning reviews and civic services (libraries, civic centers, etc.), and delivery systems, everything from buses to building inspectors, are being considered.

  • Cost Savings: Our low overhead allows us to offer reduce billing rates over industry standards, with the ability to set custom rates depending on the public or private nature of each assignments.
  • Supplement Your Professional Staff: Any community with limited staff can find that a significant policy or zoning issue that requires research can be a significant additional time demand on staff’s ability to maintain normal, day-to-day work responsibilities, such as processing permits and inspections.  It is not unusual that in smaller communities all planning and development related services are managed by one planner and a permit clerk. The extensive experience of our team expands local staff capacity and expertise.
  • Implement Your Plan: It’s not unusual that a lot of effort and resources are invested in your comprehensive plan, but that staff does not have the time or resources to carry forward key recommendations.  We provide project management services for specific assignments on an on-going basis, allowing you to achieve your goals.
  • Maintain Staff Continuity: Changes within staff are inevitable, often resulting in the loss of the knowledge of a community’s history on past projects, develop policies, relationships, and leadership on critical issues.  For many communities we have maintained long-term relationships, many which span over 10 years, and some over 20 years.  It is in these communities where we have become trusted advisors, providing valuable insight and leadership on important projects allowing clients to achieve results in a timely fashion and consistent with local traditions. These relationships are especially important during times of staff transitions where we provide both seamless services and continuity in institutional knowledge.
  • Value Added: We provide cost effective serviced targeted to specific needs, with not a lot of wasted effort or downtime.
  • Leverage Resources: Our experience with economic incentives and grant programs provide financial resources which validate expenditures and advance Village projects with limited local cost.
  • Get Results: Proven, experience leadership ensures that you receive the highest level of expertise in development negotiations and getting project done while maintaining the community’s vision and need for an expedited approval process.  A principal consultant with over 30 years of experience represents each client to ensure a close working relationship and continuity to ensure solutions reflect the unique qualities of each community.

If you are considering advancing special projects, or a seeking ways to expand your professional staff to keep up with the work load, consider retaining the Savoy Consulting Group  as a supplement to your planning team.  We can serve as an extension of your staff and be available on an as-needed basis, resulting in significant cost savings while providing high-level expertise to address any local issue or project.  Often, we provide services at no additional cost for those types of projects where our fees are paid from escrow accounts funded by revenues collected from development applicants.